time for scooter

By: hanna brooks olsen

Dec 10 2010

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Category: Indi and Friends

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Today, my family’s dog, Scooter, died. He was very, very old, and very sweet. He came a very long way from the terrified, abused dog we adopted. The one who would run away every chance he got, who shook with fear constantly, who would worry himself to sickness. He could have had a very sad life, but instead, he lived in comfort with a family that loved him. And he died among friends, surrounded by other dogs who cared about him. He didn’t have to go to a terrifying vet, he didn’t have to die in fear. So, here’s a special guest post. Because it is always time for Scooter.


One comment on “time for scooter”

  1. […] Yesterday, Scooter, my family’s dog of over 12 years died. He was a lovely beast, a hard-knock kid, and an ultra-caring companion. He brought me great comfort many, many times. My full tribute to him is here. […]

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